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Aleevar provided marketing lecture in Nottingham University Business School (NUBS)

6 November 2020 - Aleevar Consulting’s Managing Director Yap Far Loon spoke in a 1-hour real world case study session on retail pharmacy market brand health assessment (BHA) as part of an experience exchange session in the Marketing Management lecture for Nottingham University Business School hosted by Dr Anita Chakrabarty, Associate Professor. Director of MBA Programmes., Nottingham University Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Far Loon spoke in a webinar format attended by more than 100 undergraduates. He shared not only insights on Malaysia’s highly competitive retail pharmacy market landscape and future role of community pharmacy as part of primary care service providers but also on how the COVID-19 pandemic can accelerate the adoption of telemedicine due to the new normal. He separately emphasised to the audience that brand assessment requires discipline in understanding customer profile and customer decision journey in order to design, execute a research project and finally deliver marketing strategy recommendations that are actionable and relevant to businesses. “I was very honoured and I thank Dr. Anita for this privilege to be invited to speak in her lecture. As an alumni of NUBS, I have always wanted to share my knowledge and experience to future marketing champions. I was extremely encouraged to speak when students actively sought clarifications and asked pertinent questions during the course of my talk making this a lively webinar.” said Far Loon.

Dr Anita shared “The students in the webinar enjoyed this very conversational webinar. Far Loon is a dear friend and alumni member who has much to offer to future marketers and students who will benefit from his honest insights on businesses and industry issues. I look forward to more such opportunities with Aleevar Consulting” .

About Nottingham University Business School

Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) is part of an elite global group of business schools accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and the Association of MBAs (AMBA), with a vision to shape the future of responsible business and management in an increasingly inter-connected world. For more information

About Aleevar Consulting

Aleevar Consulting is a Malaysian independent company providing business advisory and capacity building for businesses and organisations to enable sustainable growth. Founded in 2018, Aleevar is led and managed by experienced industry professionals and guided by senior advisors with diverse industry backgrounds. For more information


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