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COVID-19 Pandemic: Consumer & Business Shifts and Climate Change

Speaker: Yap Far Loon, Managing Director, Aleevar Consulting Sdn Bhd

Proposed Date: Wed, 22 April 2020

Time: 10.00 am - 11.00 am

Agenda of the webinar

The Shift

  • Current state of COVID-19

  • 4-phase response by Government, Consumer and Business

  • The imminent shift

Unprecedented Changes and New Normal

  • Global government response via public safety

  • Asia Pacific government response via financial assistance

  • Consumer shift

  • Changes in customer decision journey

  • Business shift

Climate Change Decelerated

  • Effect on environment and human behaviour

  • Priority on Climate Change policy

  • Fixing public health & safety, economy and climate change

What we can do for you


About Aleevar

  • What we do

Beverage Mug and a Laptop

Come and join our Webinar

We are facing an unprecedented challenge brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not only affecting business and society but also reshaping the global economy as a whole. Businesses who are quick to pivot themselves in times of crisis will become more productive and be in a better position to deliver. Customers too will experience enforced behavioural change in their daily activities from remote working to learning tools and e-commerce. It is also imperative for us to continuously create a healthy environment, and promote universal health coverage, which can reduce the long-term health impacts.

The Webinar

We have gathered our thoughts on this global pandemic, and we are pleased to share the insights with you by hosting a live webinar scheduled to take place on 22 April 2020 at 10.00 am. If you wish to participate, please navigate to Aleevar Webinar Series to register by providing your details to us. We look forward to having you as webinar participants.

The Complimentary advisory

During these uncertain times, we are also taking this opportunity to assist companies in addressing business issues by offering a complimentary advisory service.. We invite you to navigate to Aleevar Complimentary Advisory and submit your details to enjoy the complimentary service. We will then respond within three (3) business days.

Thank you and have a productive week ahead.

Stay healthy and safe while practicing social distancing during this pandemic.

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