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Middle East Green Initiative
Case Study

12 countries ecosystem on Net Zero carbon emission strategy and afforestation plan for a Middle East based foundation

The situation 

The end client is a middle east foundation which is an executive arm of the Ministry Environment, Water and Agriculture. The foundation is entrusted to grow 10 billion trees across the country had engaged an independent international consultant to provide strategic plan to achieve target. 

Our role and methodology

Aleevar was tasked to provide a benchmarking study of 12 countries, 10 organisations and 10 programmes that implemented similar net zero carbon emission and afforestation / reforestation projects for a international consultant.


As the data were sourced from multiple sources, Aleevar had to streamline process, cleaned data and organised them and suggest a visualisation with key indicators and interactive dashboard format for quality control and analytic purpose.

This includes

  1. Provide an understanding of data from The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on respective country participation / commitment and the baseline of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. 

  2. Propose a score on each country current state from multiples sources (i.e. Environmental Performance Index (EPI) and Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI))

  3. Present current trend in carbon pricing mechanism (i.e. Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), Voluntary Carbon Market, Carbon Tax)

  4. List of best practice in afforestation project (i.e. donation marketplace for individual, corporate and volunteer engagement) to increase percentage of country forest cover)

  5. Review financials of sustainable afforestation / reforestation organisations (i.e. funding structure, attractive donation products, corporate activities, carbon offset, volunteers and local community agricultural capacity building, etc.) 

The deliverable

Reporting topic including online dashboard

  1. Country level

  2. Organisation level

  3. Programme level


The outcome 

The finding provides our client

  1. Evidence both macro and micro level afforestation / reforestation projects

  2. Suggest the foundation relevant scope of work for Middle East Region

  3. Provide strategic action plan 

  4. Insight on expected activities and possible scope of service and budget to implement afforestation / reforestation plan

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