Market Research Case Study

Premiumization strategy on mobile data for an international telecommunication service provider for the Asian region

The situation

One of the largest international telecommunication conglomerates with extensive operations in the Asian region intends to assess use cases of premiumization and de-premiumization opportunities to be considered as new pricing strategy for their operating companies across the Asian region countries.

Our role and methodology

The client has requirements to understand that uses cases of telecom companies (telcos) in mitigating the shift from customers looking for premium services from budget/affordable services (termed as Premiumization) and from premium to budget service (termed as De-premiumization). The detail requirements include understanding the effects of the paradigm shift within the telco industry, learnings from companies to mitigate its effects and provide best practices that can be implemented by operating companies across the Asian region. The findings include multiple countries market of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Aleevar’s role was to design and execute the research methodology that encompass the following areas;

  1. Define services (i.e. bare and naked mobile data for consumer mass market)

  2. Identify paths of premiumization and target market segments

  3. Produce current state on Cause and Effect (i.e. related COVID-19, telcos, countries)

  4. Provide evidence on current state of operating companies (i.e. Network Quality Of Service, normalized Price, Market share)

  5. Provide evidence on telcos’ response taken by product and service offerings

  6. Scan of Government, Consumer and Telco responses in each country

  7. Provide premiumization pricing strategy and tactics based on practical use cases (i.e. market product offerings) and new target customer market segments

  8. Suggest a premiumization or de-premiumization approach and regional use cases as reference when considering new product development or product improvement

The deliverable

Aleevar delivered a report package (i.e. Group level and Country level) with actionable insights through a 3-step path to Premiumization and De-premiumization exercise programme. The premiumization path exercise programmes were tailored to their market conditions including specific action plans and activities, to be communicated to respective operating companies and serves as seed information to syndicate for business alignment within group level and operating companies.

(Explore more by clicking on the link Trilemma of Telco Premiumization or full report        )

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