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Kitchen Ventilation System
Case Study

Lead Generation and Feedback Survey advisory for a high-end European Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System manufacturer (Best viewed in desktop)

The situation

A high-end European kitchen ventilation system manufacturer that provides indoor environment solution globally has engaged Aleevar for a lead generation and feedback advisory on the market potential for a new product launch on Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System for Malaysia and southeast Asia market. 


The lead generation activities included active search and contact new potential clients to visit and attend the client new product demo followed by a feedback survey of the commercial kitchen ventilation system.

Feedback Survey questionnaires were designed based on 4Ps marketing mix which are Product, Promotion, Placement, and Potential customers and partners.


The client would like to ascertain the opinion of their potential customer to improve the product and services.


Aleevar has mapped out the value chain based on supply and demand. Supply includes manufacturer (i.e. kitchen equipment manufacturer), supplier (i.e. kitchen equipment provider), consultant (i.e. food service consultant, M&E consultant, architect/interior design), and specialist (i.e. kitchen ventilation specialist, air quality specialist), while demand include end customer (i.e. ghost/cloud kitchen, F&B operator, restaurant, food caterer, food manufacturer, academic, association).

The outcome provided the suggested action plans not only to improve their product and service, but have a head start when contacting their potential customers or partners.

Our role and methodology

As a market research consultant, facilitator, and advisor, Aleevar executed and provide data analysis and full reporting, and presented the client an expanded list of new potential clients.

There were 3 main activities that encompassed Lead Generation, Business Matching and Feedback Survey.

  1. Lead Generation included internet search, email invite, WhatsApp invite and phone call.

  2. Business Matching was to facilitate the client to meet potential customer, witness the product demonstration, and request for feedback.

  3. Feedback Survey was conducted via Google Form to collect the potential customers’ information and opinion.

The scope of activities and the output were

  1. Lead Generation by identifying the

    • Value Chain (i.e. kitchen equipment manufacturer/provider, food service consultant, M&E consultant, architect/interior design, kitchen ventilation specialist, air quality specialist, ghost/cloud kitchen, F&B operator, restaurant, food caterer, food manufacturer, academic, association)

    • Location (i.e. Klang Valley, outside of Klang Valley, Singapore, other countries)

    • Reasonable high success rate

    • Activity (i.e. attended, did not attend, declined, inform only, not reachable)

    • Person in charged (PIC)

  2. Business Matching by facilitating meet the potential customers from

    • Relevant PIC and influencers who attended and

    • Solicitate feedback on the product demo

  3. Feedback Survey via online survey to ascertain

    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the reason

    • Potential market size

    • Reason to implement the solution (i.e. innovation, efficiency, high quality, reliability, minimal maintenance, ultraviolet systems)

    • Willing to implement the solution

    • Promotion channels (i.e. conference/exhibition, corporate website, social media, association/society)


The reported presented a database of more than 200 relevant potential customers or partners.


Based on the analysis, the outcome was suggested action plans entailing of 4Ps marketing mix (i.e. Product, Promotion, Placement, Potential customer, and partners). The potential customers database for the client to contact as well as, companies not to contact and potential competitors.

The deliverable

We delivered 3-part deliverables to the client.

  1. The list of more than 200 potential customers

  2. The main part is Report, the findings and suggestion.

  3. The opinion and Feedback Survey form accessible online.

Modern Restaurant Kitchen
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