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Affordable Housing
Case Study

Project Management Information Office (PMIO) for a reputable Malaysian foundation with regards to Affordable Housing (AH)

The situation

A local foundation is known for supporting various community and charitable causes which include educational programmes, medical and health causes and humanitarian aid. The foundation intends to setup a social enterprise to implement an affordable housing (AH) scheme to address the homeownership aspirations for Malaysia’s lower income group, namely the B40.

Our role and methodology

As a PMIO, Aleevar was tasked to setup and manage the foundation’s AH information, and to support day–to-day programme execution.

During the early stages, Aleevar populated, organised and compiled information (including keyword tagging) into a Knowledge Management Platform (KMP). The said information was inclusive of both international and local media mentions, minutes of committee meetings, and information revolving around potential collaborators, purchasers and volunteers.

During the later stages, Aleevar continued managing relevant information on monthly basis. Aleevar’s role was to assist the foundation by conducting ad hoc research in supplementary areas relevant to affordable housing scheme.

The target outcomes for the usage of the secondary research were as follows:

  1. Shortlist and evaluate suppliers (comprising of website developers, property developers)

  2. Shortlist and develop outreaching of stakeholders’ programmes (City) and Municipal councils, NGOs, and Faith-based organizations)

  3. Develop demand study proposal (i.e. questionnaire design, lower income group purchasers)

  4. Develop a detailed understanding of land types and usage, and fluctuations in property value over time (land matter related leasehold and freehold, and modelling property value appreciation)

  5. Support the foundation’s AH secretariat function in developing credential information, dissemination of internal and external information aligned with the communication plan

The deliverable

Aleevar delivered a fusion of both internal and external packages with the goal of providing the foundation AH scheme with the resources to obtain the following outcomes:

  1. Build a strong online presence to increase public awareness of both the foundation and the affordable housing initiative

  2. Keep the foundation up to date on arising matters within the scope of the project

  3. Discovering candidate stakeholders for the foundation to potentially engage with as collaborators, purchasers, and volunteers

By producing an output of centralised information and database, the following were the tangible outcomes:

  1. Website design and layout ready for the AH scheme

  2. Issue register (to capture and keep track of matter arises)

  3. Credentials (to be presented to candidate stakeholders, comprising of foundation’s vision and mission, and the show unit specification)

  4. Contact register (comprised of contact information of candidate stakeholders)

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