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"Responsible for leading project delivery in consulting services"

"Support our practice lead"

"We are continuously seeking and welcoming new talent in the following role. "

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Life At Aleevar

"We build company culture by inculcating high morality, develop competency, promote societal development and integrity naturally as a team"



Honoring Morality

We honour morality by having humility and respect for the team yet passionate about sharing our learnings


Sharpening competency

We sharpen competency in promoting communication, constructive feedback, and continuously learning the use of better productivity methodology


Embracing societal development

We embrace societal development to improve the quality of living for people with the sustainability to the planet well being


Upholding integrity

We uphold integrity with no tolerance for corruption and sexual harassment, not only with ethics but righteousness in every action we take



Lending support

We lend support to our peers by actively mentoring and assisting with training-on-the-job


Elevating learning & development

We elevate learning and development by providing cross-training from past projects and promoting all-rounder capacity building with job rotation assignments


Fulfilling reward

We fulfill rewards by providing both competitive remunerations and provide non-tangible benefits to team wellbeing


Giving recognition

We give recognition to the team by empowering them to actively contribute original and relevant thought leadership

Let's work together !

"Our projects are uniquely different and require customised solution in multiple forms of discipline from problem-solving skill, use of methodology, high customer touch to persuasion finesse in multi-level stakeholders’ engagements."

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