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Strategy Roadmap Case Study

Business alignment and strategy roadmap for a shariah-compliant financial solution provider

The situation

A shariah-compliant financial solution provider of a financial services group under a statutory agency of the Government of Malaysia is required to chart a new 5-year strategic business roadmap for submission to the Board Members.

Our role and methodology

A strategy retreat was proposed and agreed involving working-level staff members to deliberate and agree on the strategic initiatives for the next 5 years. Aleevar was engaged to facilitate the discussions during the strategy retreat; present the market outlook; and document the budget strategy and 5-year business plan for submission to the Board. Prior to the workshop, Aleevar conducted a series of management interviews with senior staff members to gather valuable company insights and the strategic role the company is playing. During the workshop, Aleevar presented the market outlook incorporating insights on the economy, SME financing, the new economy and disruptive technology, the global and local Islamic finance landscape, and the funding opportunities in Malaysia. Aleevar participated actively by contributing best practices, know-how, ideas and solutions to enrich the discussions for each agenda item. Staff members’ contributions that resulted in business alignment initiatives and decisions were captured, documented, and subsequently presented to the leadership.

The deliverable

The finalised strategic roadmap was presented to the Board and was well accepted and subsequently endorsed with some proposed adjustments to budgeting and the rescheduling of one of the strategic plans on technology adoption. The client is progressively implementing various programmed lending based on various customer segments in addition to having successfully implemented a series of initiatives to elevate the company as a significant player in the shariah-compliant market.

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