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Affordable Housing 
Financial Assistance
Case Study

Process automation and dashboard design for a Malaysian foundation to provide financial assistance to applicants for Affordable Housing (AH) (Best viewed on desktop)

The situation 

A Malaysian foundation intends to increase homeownership to the lower income group (i.e. B40) segment through financial assistance. The foundation received online application forms and intends to streamline the application process, automate them, and displayed them in a dashboard. This will enable the working team to identify suitable applicants promptly and accurately for interviews and ultimately for review and take approval decisions.

Our role and methodology

Aleevar was tasked to set up the process automation and dashboard design based on the foundation’s data and present it as information to support day-to-day operations.

As the data were originated from multiple sources, Aleevar had to streamline process, cleaned data and organised them and suggest a visualisation with key indicators in a live and interactive dashboard format.

This includes

  1. Refine survey form and automate data into a centralised database

  2. Align and provide data template to manage data easily for foundation AH to interview and to check the data

  3. Propose Credit Check (CC) algorithm to identify applicants who fulfil the CC method (i.e. bankrupt, first home buyer, household income, debt service ratio (DSR), CTOS score, etc.)​

Aleevar implemented

  1. Data automation and integration in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a centralised dashboard display in Google Data Studio

  2. Interface for foundation AH as database query per applicant (i.e. to read and write record)

  3. Management and operation dashboard provide applicants data

The deliverable

A near real time (NRT) process automation and centralised management dashboard design that entails

  1. Landing page to access data

  2. Live data of applicants from online survey form 

  3. User friendly interface for interview and approval

  4. Generate report per applicant 


The outcome

The dashboard features are:

  1. Funnel (i.e. near real-time management transparent view of foundation progress, drill down in every stage until per applicant level)

  2. Audit trail (i.e. accountability of team PIC and reviewers)

  3. CC (automated check will reduce time spend on data entry and minimise error in review and approve)

  4. Flexible CC (i.e. management projection and scenario planning)

The working team was able to quickly and confidently retrieve and make decision to​​​

  1. Shortlist and evaluate for interview and committee to review

  2. Change the requirement by following the scenario planning

  3. Retrieved confident and accurate data

  4. Quicker and transparent decision making to approve or keep in view (KIV)

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