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Webinar #9: Maintaining Good Organisational Culture and Mental Wellbeing

(i) Dr. Risky Harisa Haslan (Assistant Professor in Applied Psychology at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)
(ii) Lily Lau (Managing Director of Culture Dynamics DCI Malaysia Sdn Bhd.)

Date: Wednesday, 5 Aug 2020 

Time: 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Agenda of the webinar

Opening Remarks by Min Yao
(Business Analyst, Aleevar Consulting)

  • Introduction to Mental Health & Use Cases on Organisational Practices


Main Presentation Part 1 by Dr. Risky

  • Burnout at Work: An Organisational Psychology Perspective


Main Presentation Part 2 by Lily Lau

  • Good Organisational Culture = Good Mental Health that Leads to Increased Productivity

Stay healthy and safe while practicing social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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