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Sustainability / ESG Reporting

Sustainability reporting advisory, ESG data management, carbon accounting and frameworks alignment (GRI, GHG protocol in accordance with stock exchanges namely Bursa Malaysia, SGX, international standards namely TCFD, SASB, etc.)

GRI: Global Reporting Initiative

GHG: Greenhouse Gas Protocol

SGX: Singapore Exchange

TCFD:  Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures

SASB: Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Key Question
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What kind of data shall I disclose to regulator, EU, US and Asian region customers, and investor or bank?  


How can I minimise effort and cost in ESG reporting team?


What are the incentives and/or cost savings in reporting ESG related matters?


How to collect, consolidate and track data aligned with multiple countries regulatory requirement?


How to be responsive in reporting to internal stakeholders and to external regulators or customers?


Is there a monetary gain in reporting such as carbon pricing saving?


Will my carbon accounting data subject to audit by customers, regulator, rating agency and/or investors? 


Is it better do it yourself instead of engaging external consultant? 


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Understanding business sustainability in ESG reporting that matters 


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of supply chain management frow supplier to end customer that relevant to business


Ascertain the adequate disclosure to regulators, customers and investor with international ESG framework (i.e. GRI, GHG protocol, TCFD, SASB)


Auditable carbon accounting data to support business plan or projection (i.e. carbon offset, carbon tax saving)

Middle East Green Initiative

Case Study

"Our reference projects and experience in multiple sectors as a lead consultant and project information management office (PMIO)" provide. 


12 countries ecosystem on Net Zero carbon emission strategy and afforestation plan for a Middle East based foundation


Sustainability Reporting - ESG Product Development Advisory


Premiumization strategy on mobile data for an international telecommunication service provider for the Asian region.

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