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IoT at UniKL

18 May 2019 - Aleevar Consulting is honoured to be invited as a panelist by University Kuala Lumpur (UniKL), the leading entrepreneurial technical university in Malaysia. UniKL, is a wholly owned by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), an agency under the Ministry of Rural Development, Malaysia.

Mr Muhamad Zulkiflee Osman from UniKL Business School hosted the event on Internet of Things (IoT) Based Management Information System (MIS), which showcased innovative ideas and solutions presented by the business school undergraduates.

This event was designed to exchange knowledge, resources and ideas that can take the students career and prospect to the next level and foster industry/university collaborations along the way. The business school students have presented various models in their exhibition booths on IoT-based model of information systems encompassing Smart Agriculture, Autonomous Drone Package Delivery, Smart Hajj Management, Disaster Management and many more.

UniKL business school undergraduates during the event on IoT Based Management Information System (MIS)

Yap Far Loon, Managing Director of Aleevar Consulting, had the privilege to be in a joint panel to judge and advise students’ presentations together with Mr Shamsul Bahri Yusoff, a veteran telecom specialist and Mr. Ahmad Shah Hafizan Hamidin, a local technopreneur.

During the sharing session, Far Loon acknowledged that the students were naturally solving the most compelling Climate Change-related problems with technology. He also advised the students to not only look at business as the big picture but also understand the small picture that would be the IoT application itself to be successful in project implementation in their future endeavour.

IoT Based Management Information System (MIS) panelists. From left, Mr Shamsul Bahri Yusoff, Mr Yap Far Loon, Mr Muhamad Zulkiflee Osman and Mr. Ahmad Shah Hafizan Hamidin


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