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Philippines franchise: thriving market

20 March 2019 - Aleevar Consulting was invited as a presenter at the Malaysian Franchise Association’s International Market Update Session (IMUS) for Manila held at Putrajaya. The event was organised for the local franchise owners to have an overview of the opportunities available in the Philippines. Aleevar presented the topic on market environment in the franchising business.

Franchising as a business model is a well-accepted concept among the Filipinos. Opportunities are abundant; not only in food, which is the most popular but also in other non-food sectors such as services and retail. Opportunities aside, due diligence takes center stage before making that crucial decision to venture into a foreign market. As part of the process, stakeholder engagement should be on the To-Do list too. Take the opportunity to engage our MATRADE office in Manila. They have on-the-ground insights and the right channels to assist you further.

Kushairi Lotfi led the discussion at Malaysia Franchise Association building
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