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Business Response Use Case, Social and Digital Media Management, and Data Science Project Management

26 October 2020 - During the Webinar Series #4, we were delighted to have two speakers to speak along the theme “Social Media Sentiment During COVID-19 Pandemic”. Yap Far loon, MD of Aleevar Consulting started with an opening speech claiming that the coronavirus pandemic has brought imminent shifts involving the Governments, Businesses and Consumers across the globe. We saw how governments took the leading role stimulating the economy providing financial aids to businesses especially severely impacted sectors and vulnerable citizens.

Shahid Shayaa, founder of Berkshire Media, gave an incredible scenario of how powerful social analytics is for organisations in driving data into actionable insights and actions. Businesses should never underestimate the power of new media as 96% of global population reads news and actively searching for products or reviews online. Businesses must also continue investing in data-driven digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve visibility, build trust and brand loyalty in addition monitoring market and consumer sentiments regularly and accurately.

Meanwhile, Andrew Kanan, Managing Director at Lat Sense, shared an equally interesting insight on the opportunity for businesses in reaching out to their targeted audience with an AI-powered location intelligent platform. It is crucial for businesses to better understand the changes in market sentiment and consumer behaviour during the pandemic. By leveraging on live location data, real time and offline data, and online data from social media, businesses will be equipped into making an informed decision.

Moving forward to Webinar Series #5, Aleevar Consulting brought in its Advisor, Loo Chin Wah, to speak about Data Science Project Management. Backed by more than 25 years of experience in the regional mobile communications industry, Loo shared the key project essentials and challenges, and finer points on how to kickstart a project. Using data analytics, unstructured data can be unfolded into structured data to provide the content for a compelling data story telling. The power of data analytics can be applied across many applications and industries such as disease prediction for healthcare, sentiment analysis for social media and fraud & risk detection for credit & insurance.

Earlier, in his opening speech, Kushairi Lotfi, Director of Aleevar Consulting, stated that data management and analytics have become a necessity in any industry particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inevitably businesses need analytical solutions and actionable insights to thrive, survive and remain relevant in this challenging environment.

Since the pandemic was very much being discussed globally, Aleevar presented “COVID-19 pandemic business response’s use cases and implementation” in its Webinar Series #6. We had Romi Sharma, the CEO of Siroi Solutions, to speak on the topic. Romi touched on the various topics from multiple touch points to experiential shopping and the seamless offline to online (O2O) management in an e-Commerce environment. During the Work from Home (WFH) mode, some organisations have resorted to employee remote monitoring and productivity measurement as well as employee data capturing. Digital geofencing is another tool where companies are deploying to monitor unauthorised movements.

Prior to that, Yap Far Loon, the MD of Aleevar Consulting in his opening speech, shared some use cases of how businesses have responded to COVID-19’s impact to productivity and customer sales. Notably, businesses have invested into employee productivity tools, growth in e-Commerce activities, shift in Virtual Reality (VR) applications and showrooms, and investment in cybersecurity due to WFH.


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