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Helping All to Own a Home - An interview by Yazid Ismail

11 June 2022 - Best view in desktop.

I was privilege and grateful to be given the opportunity for an experience exchange with Yazid Ismail, a thought leader in areas of strategy, transformation, corporate startups, and change management as well as my classmate from Nottingham University Business School (NUBS). In this picture of success episode, we had a conversation on Helping All to Own a Home.

Yazid is currently the Head, NervCentre, GTS (Organization Improvement & Change Management) at Project Delivery & Technology, PETRONAS.

Volunteering at Yayasan My First Home (YMFH)

I spoke about the volunteer work as a committee member at Yayasan My First Home (YMFH) founded by Tan Sri Vincent Tan, the chairman of Berjaya Corporation and deputy chair of the foundation, Datin Sunita Rajakumar, is the chairperson of Dutch Lady Malaysia, and supported by a team of trustees and advisors. The ideation of the foundation was mooted as early as 2019 to tackle affordability of affordable housing related to the people of the lower in group.

Again, it was and still is, an honour to be part of the committee of YMFH that has clear objective to promote home ownership among the people from the lower income group or B40 in Malaysia.

Through many iterations and deliberations, YMFH is currently running in full force to reaching out to the B40s who aspires to own a house. They faced many challenges from having a down payment and in getting loan approval that could be due to poor credit score. YMFH targets those applying for home and swiftly steps in to assists them including providing financial literacy workshop. For more information, please visit

Journey from engineering to consulting

I shared my sector experience from manufacturing, telecommunications and finally in business consulting providing services such as marketing research and information management service primarily in the marketing domain. Entrepreneurship to young people coming to workforce

I pointed some personal tips for young people coming to workforce be it as employee or owning a business. The tip encompasses from the strong purpose of life, having skillset, balancing quality of life and truth of financing the lifestyle or company.

For the full podcast, please watch video, and information related to Yayasan My First Home (YMFH), a foundation dedicated to promote home ownership, please visit


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