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MOH is forging ahead with practitioners’ registration of T&CM

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is forging ahead with practitioners’ registration of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) that will catalyse the healthcare sector development in Malaysia.

In the 9th International Conference on Traditional and Complementary Medicine (INTRACOM) 2019 event, Dr. Goh Cheng Soon, the director of T&CM Division of MOH, reiterated for T&CM practice to be delivered in a safe and responsible manner to the general public. As such practitioners will be required to seek registration in order to obtain practicing certification. MOH has since gazetted the T&CM Act 2016 (Act 775) on 1 Mar 2016 that governs the T&CM practice and practitioners, which was enforced on 1 Aug 2016. Subsequently, the blueprint for the development of T&CM 2018 – 2027 was also made available to the public.

During the event, Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, Malaysia’s Minister of Health had also launched the Consumer Guideline for Proper Use of Traditional and Complementary Medicine in Malaysia, which has been made accessible to public. This will instil greater awareness on the proper use of T&CM practices not only among practitioners in particular but on the various options of such practices to the general public.

Under the MOH, T&CM Council has an important role to play in deliberating the regulations and practices, implementing the blueprint and promoting stakeholders’ collaborations.

9th INTRACOM Gala Dinner Speakers and Delegates. From left to right. Prof. Dr. Cui Yongqiang, Beijing Guang An Men Hospital; Ms. Kei Sugiyama, Mitsubishi Research Institute; Mr. Tomonori Maruyama, Mitsui Knowledge Industry; Mr. Yap Far Loon, Aleevar Consulting; Mr. Lu Yexin, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for People’s Republic of China; Dr. Goh Cheng Soon, Ministry of Health for Malaysia; Dr. Kim Hyung Ho of Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, South Korea, Dr. Justin Hanse Lee, Korea Low Birth Rate and Ageing Society, and Ms. Monica Kim, Spire Research and Consulting South Korea
Moving forward, MOH will continue working on the research evidence and assessment of T&CM and its economic and socio-cultural impact, being an important component of the healthcare system

Aleevar Consulting’s Managing Director Mr. Yap Far Loon opined that with MOH’s pro-active and continuous effort in T&CM is not only in regulating the practice better but also catalysing the sector development covering all the key stakeholders namely the practitioners, medicinal products, training and certification, research & development and end-users. Both Malaysia’s public and healthcare tourists will also enjoy the benefits with increased health literacy for everyone including the aged care segment to make informed decision of T&CM as an option of safe use and quality service.



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