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The Spatial Distribution of Klang Valley Affordable Housing

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

30 November 2021 - This article attempts to cover the spatial distribution of Malaysia's 3 specific Klang Valley Affordable Housing (KVAH) programmes namely Residensi Prihatin, Rumah Selangorku and Residensi Wilayah. It shall be called KVAH Tri-programme for discussion purpose.

KVAH Tri-programme in Malaysia which encompasses 72 affordable housing projects supplying a total of 53,244 units by 2026. Please refer to additional information at The State of Klang Valley Affordable Housing Supply.

Why spatial distribution on Klang Valley?

For spatial reference, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) is placed as the centre of Klang Valley having a merit as business activity hub and having multiple transportation access. Besides financial consideration on housing affordability, commuting to and from home is a big part of purchasing factors on affordable housing.

The locational attribute such as proximity to city centre, public transportation, close to health centre, working place, school and day care are equally important as decision journey to purchase or rent a house. This is followed by neighbourhood factor namely Crime Rate and Sociality.

The 4-ring distance from KLCC of KVAH Tri-programme

The article introduces this 4-ring distance with radius of 5 km, 10 km, 20 km, 30 km and above, depicting the proximity to KLCC. Refer to map Spatial Distribution of KVAH Tri-programme.

Spatial Distribution of KVAH Tri-programme

Source: Aleevar Research, Better Malaysia Foundation, Residensi Wilayah, Residensi Prihatin, Rumah Selangorku

Within the radius of 5 km;

  • There are 16.6% (12) projects where 10 projects are from Residensi Wilayah and 2 of them are from Residensi Prihatin

At radius of 10 km;

  • The largest volume of projects at 37.5% (27) where 26 are from Residensi Wilayah and only one from Residensi Prihatin.

At radius of 20 km;

  • 13.9% (10) of projects in which 7 from Residensi Wilayah, 1 from Residensi Prihatin and 2 are from Rumah Selangorku.

At radius of 30 km;

  • The second largest with project volume at 27.8% (10) namely 10 from Residensi Prihatin and additional 10 from Rumah Selangorku.

At radius that more than 30 km from KLCC;

  • There are 4.2% (3) projects solely from Rumah Selangorku programme.

Total Projects (in %) by Distance and Total Projects by Distance


KVAH Tri-programme by 15 of Mukim (sub-district) within the 4-ring distance where mukim Setapak and Batu are closest to KLCC at radius of 5 km. This is followed by 10 km radius of mukim Seputeh, Petaling and Cheras. Refer to chart Distance radius from KLCC by Mukim and Area.

Distance Radius from KLCC by Mukim and Area

Top 3 number of KVAH Tri-programme projects are from Mukim of Setapak, Seputeh and Putrajaya

The closest at 5km radius to the KLCC is Mukim Setapak having 18.1% (13) of projects with 10,488 units followed by mukim Batu with 11.1% (8) with 4,292 units. The 10km radius are mukim Seputeh at 16.7% (12) of projects with 10,488 units.

Mukim Putrajaya at radius of 30km has 13.9% (10). Further away from KLCC at 30km, Mukim Klang has 5.6% (4) of the projects. Refer to chart Total Project by Mukim

Total Project by Mukim

Most of KVAH Tri-programmes units are concentrated at 10 km and 30 km radius

The 2 largest concentration of housing units are at 10 km and 30 km radius at 15,353 (28.8%) units and 18, 905 (35.5%) respectively. Closer at 5 km from KLCC, there are only 9,138 (17.2%) units. Refer to chart Unit Available by distance

Unit Available by Distance from KLCC

Ramped up supply between 2021 and 2024 observed

KVAH Tri-programme will supply up to 53,244 units to be completed from 2018 to 2026. Refer to Unit by Area and the Completion Date. An accelerated supply of units are from the year 2021 until 2024. It is estimated that most of units will be completed on 2024 which is 16, 868 units. And majority of them will come from mukim Putrajaya which is estimated 12,349 units to be completed in 2024.

In 2018, only 372 units were completed which is from mukim Klang. The year 2025 and 2026, the units completed show decreasing development where by only 2,166 units to be completed on 2025 which is from mukim Setapak and for the year 2026 only 678 units from mukim Lembah Pantai.

Unit by Area and the Completion Date

In summary, KVAH Tri-programme introduces a 4-ring distance by radius of 5 km, 10 km, 20 km and 30 km from KLCC, where the 5 km distance has 13 projects providing 9,138 units and most of the project are within 10 km with 37.5% (27) of projects with 15,353 units mostly from Residensi Wilayah programme. The highest concentration projects are mukim Setapak and Seputeh with 18.1% (13) with 10,488 units and 16.7% (12) with 9,250 units respectively. Ramp up supply unit are between 2022 (10,902 units) and 2024 (16,868) alone with a total of 27,588 constitute 52% total supply of units.

Please refer to additional information at The State of Klang Valley Affordable Housing Supply.

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